Do I need to change my posters annually?

Not necessarily. When State, Federal, or OSHA agencies make regulatory and legislative changes, employers are required to update their posters. By state, the frequency varies. Employers must keep their posters up to date.

How can I know whether my posters are outdated?

To check, you can contact the Federal, State, and OSHA entities in charge of the posters, or you can save time by getting your posters from us. Any significant changes to your State or Federal laws will be communicated to you.

Where should I put up my posters?

These signs should be displayed at each location in a visible location or locations where customers frequently visit to see employee notices. Every employer must take precautions to make sure that these signs are not changed, destroyed, or hidden by other materials. The lunchroom, break room, time clock, back of a door, unisex restroom, or job site are a few examples of “conspicuous settings.” Additional posters must be shown on separate floors or in various places.

Which labor law posters are necessary for my business?

Requirements for posting under state and federal labor laws may differ by business and sector. Federal minimum wage, Employee Polygraph Protection, OSHA, FMLA, USERRA, and EEO posts are required to be shown on each working site by all U.S. firms with at least one employee, as per the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Each state creates its own set of detailed employment laws. To identify that labor law changes are applicable to companies, we track information from more than 500 state and federal sources. To make it straightforward for businesses to comply, we provide each state’s regulations in detail. Then, we inform companies of changes to the legislation that may have an impact on them.