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Every company in the United States with one or more employees must post the most recent State and Federal Labor Law Posters in the workplace. These posters provide critical information in an easy-to-understand manner for your employees to understand their workplace rights and responsibilities.

Whereas most businesses must show the same labor law posters, the particular posters that your company must display will depend on the nature of your company. You should place these posters in areas where all employees may see them, such as the free time in the break room.

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  • Labor law posting standards must be followed to provide a safe, lawful, and equitable workplace for your employees. While busy entrepreneurs may overlook these labor law posters, they are an important line of defense against penalties and litigation.
  • By providing free labor law posters on our website, we’ve made it simple for you to defend yourself and your workers. You shall maintain legal compliance and ensure that your employees are adequately informed about their workplace rights by procuring and clearly posting current notifications and preserving them from harm.
  • If your state and federal labor law posters do not reflect the most recent amendments, you may be out of compliance, and your posters must be updated.
  • The change date for each employment law is included in the bottom right-hand corner of each notification acquired from USA LabourLawSigns.