10 Mistakes to Avoid When Displaying Oklahoma Labor Law Posters

Displaying Oklahoma labor law posters is essential for businesses operating in the state to ensure compliance and inform employees about their rights. However, there are common mistakes that employers make when it comes to properly displaying these posters. This article highlights ten key mistakes to avoid when displaying Oklahoma labor law posters, helping businesses maintain compliance and create a positive work environment.

Mistakes to Avoid When Displaying Oklahoma Labor Law Posters

Failure to Display Required Posters

The most critical mistake employers can make is failing to display the necessary Oklahoma labor law posters. Each employer must understand and comply with the specific posters state and federal agencies mandated.

Some of the mandatory posters in Oklahoma include those related to minimum wage, workers’ compensation, occupational safety and health, anti-discrimination laws, and the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Failure to display these posters can result in penalties, fines, or legal issues. Employers should regularly review the requirements and ensure that all mandatory posters are visible in prominent areas accessible to all employees, such as break rooms or near time clocks.

Inadequate Poster Placement

Another common mistake is the improper placement of labor law posters. The required posters are insufficient; they must be strategically placed for maximum visibility and effectiveness. Avoid placing the posters in areas where they may be obstructed or difficult to read. Instead, display them in well-lit, high-traffic areas where employees frequently gather.

Break rooms, employee notice boards, or near entrances are ideal locations. Ensure the posters are positioned at eye level and not hidden behind other objects. Additionally, consider placing multiple copies of posters in large or busy work areas to ensure every employee can easily view the information.

Failure to Update Outdated Posters

Labor laws are subject to change, and failing to update outdated posters is a significant compliance error. Employers must stay informed about any revisions or updates to Oklahoma labor laws and ensure that their posters reflect the most current information. New legislation, regulatory changes, or government agency updates may require replacing existing posters.

Regularly check official government websites and labor law organizations, or consult legal advisors to stay updated with any changes that may affect your posters. Promptly obtain updated posters and replace outdated ones to maintain compliance and provide employees with accurate and relevant information.

Ignoring Industry-Specific Poster Requirements

Different industries may have specific labor law requirements beyond the general mandatory posters. For example, the healthcare industry may require additional posters related to patient privacy rights or healthcare-specific regulations. Construction companies may need posters related to occupational safety and health standards.

Researching and understanding any industry-specific regulations that apply to your business is crucial. Consult industry-specific resources, trade associations, or legal professionals to ensure you fully comply with all necessary labor law poster obligations. Failing to address industry-specific requirements can lead to compliance issues and potential legal consequences.

Neglecting Multilingual Poster Needs

In a diverse workforce, neglecting multilingual poster needs can be a significant oversight. If you have employees who do not speak English as their primary language, providing labor law posters in languages they can understand is essential. This promotes inclusivity and ensures that all employees know their rights and responsibilities.

Oklahoma labor laws may require employers to display posters in languages spoken by a significant portion of their workforce. Even if not explicitly required, it is good practice to offer multilingual posters to minimize language barriers and prevent misunderstandings. Consider consulting with your poster provider or utilizing translation services to obtain accurate and compliant multilingual posters for your workplace.

Neglecting Remote or Off-Site Workers

One mistake that employers often make is forgetting to provide labor law posters to remote or off-site workers. Suppose your workforce includes employees who work remotely or at locations away from the main office. In that case, ensuring they have access to the necessary labor law information is essential.

Consider providing digital copies of the posters via email, company intranet, or other digital platforms commonly used by remote employees. Communicate the importance of compliance and provide clear instructions on accessing and viewing the posters. Additionally, if your remote workers frequently gather in a central location, such as for team meetings or training sessions, consider displaying physical posters in those areas.

Poor Poster Design and Legibility

The design and legibility of your labor law posters play a significant role in their effectiveness. Employers should avoid posters with small font sizes, cluttered layouts, or poor color contrast that may make them difficult to read. Choose posters with clear, concise content and a visually appealing design that captures attention.

Legible fonts, adequate spacing, and contrasting colors ensure employees can easily read and understand the information presented. Avoid overcrowding posters with excessive text or unnecessary graphics. Simple, straightforward posters are more likely to communicate the required information to employees effectively.

Hiding Posters During Inspections

Some employers intentionally hide or remove labor law posters during inspections to conceal potential violations. This serious mistake can result in severe penalties and legal consequences. It is essential to maintain transparency and integrity when displaying labor law posters.

Inspectors have the right to examine workplaces and ensure compliance with labor laws, including the proper display of posters. Instead of hiding or removing posters, focus on understanding and addressing any compliance issues that may arise during inspections.

Failure to Train Employees on Poster Content

Merely displaying labor law posters is not enough; employers should also ensure that employees understand the content and information presented on the posters. A common mistake is neglecting to train employees on labor law requirements and their rights outlined in the posters.

Conduct regular training sessions or provide educational materials to familiarize employees with the information on the posters. Encourage open communication and address employees’ questions or concerns regarding labor laws and their rights.

Failing to Document Poster Compliance

Documenting your efforts to comply with labor law poster requirements is essential for demonstrating compliance in case of audits or legal disputes. Many employers overlook the importance of maintaining records related to labor law posters. Keep records of when posters were obtained, replaced, or updated.

Document any communication or training provided to employees regarding labor laws and their rights. Additionally, retain copies of receipts, invoices, or agreements with poster providers as evidence of compliance efforts. These records can serve as valuable documentation to prove that you have diligently complied with labor law poster requirements.


Avoiding common mistakes when displaying Oklahoma labor law posters is crucial for businesses to maintain compliance and foster a positive work environment.

Employers can fulfill their obligations and effectively communicate labor law information by ensuring the proper display of required posters, strategically placing them, regularly updating outdated posters, addressing industry-specific requirements, and considering multilingual needs.

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