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Workplace postings of labor laws are mandatory for all employers. Posters detailing the requirements of the California Labor Law and the New York Labor Law are required in both states.

Besides the Minimum Wage Order and any other applicable Wage Orders, California law mandates the posting of 16 other employment notices in a prominent location where all employees can see them. Moreover, as of January 1, 2023, eight of the legally mandated eighteen job notices will need to be updated.

There are eight notifications that need to be revised for the new year, such as:

  • On January 1, 2023, all California employers must pay their employees at least $15.50 per hour.
  • Pregnancy Disability Leave, Family Care Leave, and Medical Leave Notification.
  • A Statement of Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Pregnant Employee.
  • Notice: Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace Are Illegal in California.
  • Transgender Employee Rights Statement.
  • Informed Citizenship: Warning: Discrimination in the Workplace Is Prohibited.
  • Your Protections Under USERRA.
  • Warning for Workplace Safety and Health.

These revised notices must be shown by all California businesses in order to comply with California law. Although section 1207 of the Labor Code allows for these notices to be sent electronically, employers must nevertheless post hard copies in a visible location within the workplace, particularly in cases when employees perform all of their duties from home.

This comprehensive 2023 California Labor Law poster combines the 18 various state and federal employment notices that California firms are required to post. It also includes the necessary revisions for the new year.

Other required notices that are included in the complete California labor law posters are as follows:

  • Sick Pay and Employee Notification Under the Healthy Workplaces-Healthy Families Act of 2014.
  • The Federal Minimum Wage.
  • Employee Injury Notification.
  • The Family and Medical Leave Act Guarantee Certain Benefits to Employees.
  • Protecting People Who Report Abuse
  • The Security of Employee Truth-Telling Act.
  • In Case of an Emergency!
  • Notice of Payment Is Being Issued.

Additionally, on January 1, 2023, all copies of the Unemployment Insurance brochure and the Sexual Harassment pamphlet will need to be updated as per federal mandate. These brochures are available for purchase both individually and in the Required Notices Kit.


New york labor law posters

All companies in the state of New York with employees are required to prominently display one or more of the labor law posters made available by the New York Department of Labor. The purpose of these New york labor law posters is to inform workers on many aspects of labor law, including the minimum wage, occupational health and safety, and other relevant laws.

The five mandatory New york labor law posters are required by the New York Department of Labor and must be displayed by all employers in a conspicuous location within the workplace.


  1. Miscellaneous Law
  2. Minimum Wage Law
  3. Equal Opportunity Law
  4. Employee Classification Law
  5. Job Safety Law

New york labor law posters like these are required, but most businesses in the state are also required by federal law to display labor posters from the Department of Labor.

There are thirteen more New york labor law posters available. However, only a certain of them must be displayed by all businesses.


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