Connecticut State and Federal Labor Law Digital Poster 2024

  • Connecticut has composed ten labor law notices that must be posted in the workplace by all firms, large and small.
  • In addition to these state posters, most Connecticut companies will be required to display the federal Department of Labor’s mandatory posters.
  • To stay compliant with Connecticut labor regulations and avoid penalties, company owners must print and post all of these notices in a public position for all employees.
  • Wage and workplace standards, sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination, and other significant labor regulations are all mentioned in the Connecticut Department of Labor’s labor law posters.
  • You can buy a professional, Digital, all-in-one labor law poster that ensures compliance with all Connecticut and federal posting standards rather than printing out pages of obligatory Connecticut and federal labor law posters. Updated for the year 2024.

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  • In one Digital poster, all unique State and Federal mandatory labor legislation posters are included.
  • With just one poster, you can save a lot of space.
  • In this poster, Both English and Spanish versions are available.
  • Every small, medium, or large business can be fully compliant.
  • A replacement service is provided to keep you up to date automatically.

Mandatory State Labor Law Posters:

  • Electronic Monitoring Poster
  • Connecticut Wage & Workplace Administrative Regulations
  • OHA Managed Care Poster
  • Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission
  • Sexual Harassment is Illegal Poster
  • Pregnancy Discrimination Poster

Additional Connecticut Labor Law Posters:

  • Labor Laws in Restaurant and Food Service
  • Discrimination is Illegal Flyer
  • Housing Discrimination is Illegal Poster
  • Connecticut Mercantile and Retail
  • Connecticut Mercantile and Retail – Minors
  • Connecticut Restaurants and Food Service – Minors
  • Connecticut Smoke-Free Posters