Georgia State and Federal Labor Law Digital Poster 2024

  • All Georgia companies with workers are required to post several necessary and optional labor law posters in the workplace, according to the Georgia Department of Labor.
  • These posters are intended to inform employees on several labor law matters, including the minimum wage, workplace health and safety, and other essential labor laws.
  • All employers must display five mandatory labor law posters in a visible spot in the workplace, according to the Georgia Department of Labor.
  • In addition to these state posters, most companies in Georgia will need to print and post the federal Department of Labor’s mandated labor posters.
  • Georgia also has four other labor law posters that are either optional to place or required just for certain types of businesses. Check this list to check whether any of the labor posters apply to your company.
  • After you’ve printed all of the required Georgia labor law posters, go to the free federal labor law posters page to make sure you have all of the required Federal posters to comply with the Department of Labor’s mandated posting rules.

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  • In one poster, all individual State and Federal mandatory labor law posters are included.
  • With just one poster, with both available versions in English and Spanish, you can save a lot of space.
  • Every size business can be fully compliant.
  • Renewal service is provided to keep you up to date automatically.

Mandatory Labor Law Posters:

  • Workers’ Compensation Bill of Rights WC-BOR
  • Workers’ Compensation Official Notice WC-P3
  • Unemployment Insurance for Employees
  • Employer Vacation
  • Equal Pay for Equal Work Act

Additional Labor Law Posters:

  • Georgia Handwashing Poster
  • Georgia Human Trafficking Poster
  • Georgia Choking First Aid Poster
  • Georgia No Smoking Poster